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The aim of this project is to design an app that use gamification to stimulate users to “learn by playing”. Users can complete a real mission on site to continue in the game, to level up and to gain Sherds the currency that can be exchanged with virtual or real benefits (such as bookshop discounts, Amazon gift cards, etc.).


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Personal Project


The research of this work has focused on the areas and on the archaeological parks, for their characteristic of being very large areas, giving the visitor a great freedom of movement. The result highlights the target audience and the main problems of archaeological sites.


The concept was developed on a series of steps in an ideal scenario and focused on user needs. The concept concern also for the actions taken after the visit.

Information Architecture

A good AI helps to understand the context to which it refers and helps the design of the app and applications in order to allow the user to find the right information in the right place.

User Personas

The personas are real identikit of ideal users that represent the needs, the behaviors and the dissatisfactions. They are a representation of the characterizing traits of each user and of those that unite them.


Wireframes are essential to better understand the elements of the individual pages and make it easier to develop the interface.

Flexible Layout:
It is much simpler to intervene on a wireframe instead of on a user interface complete with all the graphic elements. The aim of telling was to communicate the experience that the product creates when the user interacts with it.

A correct wireframe simplifies the subsequent design phase of the graphical user interface (UI) and the software development phase.


The User Experience Design makes use of numerous tools, among the most important there is certainly what is called User Flow that is the path that the user follows during the use of the application. It includes the different application screens, the "touch points" and the interactions for changing the various screens.

Design System

The Design System defining the colors, find the right illustration style, balance typography. It define standards across a variety of elements from type, color, error and success states, buttons, tabs, popup.

Final Design

Final Design regards the different pages from the welcome screen to the homepage and quests. Single quest page are designed with google maps to show the correct place to complete the quest. The colors of the final design change based on the city that you choose or in where are you located now.

In the main screen various graphical tricks have been adopted in order to give the user as much information as possible. First of all, the "Suggested for you" section offers the visitor a series of archaeological sites nearby and others chosen on the basis of the last visited, giving information on the completion of the same through a progress bar inserted in the button of the site choice. Profile information was also included, in particular: badges obtained and total sherds.

Choose the city
Choice of the city or geolocation: in this screen you can choose the place to play or be geolocalized

Choose a quest
Choose a quest and spend 1 Energy Point. The map will show you the point to reach to start the mission. In many quests, you need to find something hidden or solve puzzle games to gain Sherds.

Follow the map
The map indicates the place in which to move to begin the actual mission. This serves to move the user in the area concerned for the purpose of the mission. During some missions the visitor will be asked to find some objects and then to move in search of them.

Collect your badges
At the completion of some missions or the fulfillment of particular requirements chosen by the game, the user can earn collectable medals, each of which gives historical information related to the mission played.

Play in place or from Home:
You can play in the archaeological park or from Home with the home quests, a timed quiz or puzzle game on the nearest archaeological park. The home quests give you a bonus to spend when you are in the archaeological park.

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